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Chris King

Describing a brand like Chris King is no easy feat. They’ve held a unique position in the bike community for about as long as any of us can remember. They are the embodiment of meticulous engineering—a spirit of doing things right the first time, and not having to do them again. No cycling company has generated the kind of loyal following and unanimous respect that Chris King has. It is a truly remarkable company. From their fiercely independent spirit to their one-of-a-kind craftsmanship, Chris King holds a position in cycling that nobody else could. And it doesn’t take more than a ride on a pair of their hubs or one of their headsets to understand why. That bumble-bee engagement is enough to make some of us swoon.

But if that still doesn’t convince you, take a look at some of their processes and products. For starters, Chris King makes all their bearings in-house. They begin with a purpose-built and proven design, and scrupulously craft their components out of the finest materials available. In their iconic hubs, you’ll find their legendary RingDriveTM system. These outstanding pieces of machinery feature Drive and Driven Rings that are made of heat-treated stainless steel, and feature 72 points of simultaneous engagement (45 points of engagement on the R45 Road Hubs). This system offers an entirely new level of engagement, giving you instantaneous torque, and the capacity to handle torque loads in excess of 800ft/lbs—a tolerance that dulls the allure of many other high-end hubs by comparison.

So if you’re looking for the apex in bike bearing technology—if you want a headset or pair of hubs that you know will stand reliably by season after season—then you’ve found your match with Chris King.