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Ergon is a company comprised of cyclists who think like cyclists. They are passionate, innovative, problem-solving tech enthusiasts, who are constantly curious. They live and breathe cycling. Koblenz, Germany is the home of Ergon Bike. The company is at the heart of German Innovation. Ergon’s mission statement creates a strong circle of trust. This motivates their employees to take personal responsibility in their work, as well as encourage teamwork and cooperation within the company.

Ergon produces an impressive product offering primarily focusing on saddles and grips. Two of Ergons most popular saddles for fitness and marathon riding are the SMR3 and SMC3. The SMR3 MTB Marathon Series of saddles are made for marathons. The lightweight saddle is used by the Topeak-Ergon Racing Team and is developed in close collaboration with World Champion Alban Lakata. The SMR3 has a race-optimized geometry and contour. The SMC3 MTB Comfort Series of saddles are a performance comfort saddle series for mountain bikers. The SMC3 is designed as an all-around mountain bike saddle, ideal for recreational cyclists and cyclists with common saddle issues.

The three most popular Ergon saddles for trail/enduro and downhill purposes are the SMA3, SME3, and SMD2 saddles. SMA3 MTB All-Mountain Series of saddles are comfortable all-mountain saddles that are the perfect balance between performance and comfort. The SME3 MTB Enduro Series of saddles are the superstars of the enduro scene. The saddle is popular with both riders and the media. The SME3 is at the forefront in the Enduro World Series. The SMD2 MTB Gravity Downhill Series of saddles is the first Ergon saddle designed not only for sitting but also for control of the bike! Designed for unrestricted freedom of movement during intense downhill use.

Three of the most popular Ergon mountain bike grips are the GA, GA3, and GE1 grips. The GA MTB All-Mountain Series grips have excellent grip and a super soft UV-stable rubber compound. The GA3 combines pressure relief with a high degree of freedom. The GE1 MTB Enduro Series grips are right at the forefront of the Enduro World Series! The GE1 is the first ergonomic rider-oriented grip for use on wide handlebars, supporting the correct upper body and arm position of the rider. The GD1 MTB Gravity Series grips are the first gravity-grip with a tapered shape and a unique rubber compound. Designed for the demands of downhill and hard gravity use.

Whether you’re looking for a saddle, a pair of grips, or just have a question about any Ergon products or bike ergonomics, jump on a call or chat with one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554 seven days a week. They are always happy to help, Keep Pedaling!!