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GPS Bike Computers

Cycling with a bike computer has numerous benefits like showing riders how far they’ve gone and how fast they’re going. These metrics help riders train better so they can become better riders. The next level beyond a regular bike computer is a GPS cycle computer. These also provide the essentials like how far a rider has gone and how fast they’ve gone but also provides numerous other benefits that you can’t find with a regular computer. A cycling GPS computer can provide turn by turn navigation, speed, distance, time, percent grade, vertical distance, temperature, power, cadence, and so much more.

Many bicycle GPS computers are water resistant and shock resistant which makes them perfect for mountain biking. Computers like the Garmin bike computers have a battery life of over 15 hours and can connect online to upload your riding data to websites like Garmin Connect or Strava. If you are an avid Strava user, many or the new Garmin computers like the Garmin Edge 1030 have Strava Live Segments so you can find new ways to challenge yourself every ride. Many GPS bike computers can connect to cadence sensors, heart rate monitors, and power meters so you can get all the data necessary for optimal training. Training with a higher cadence or pedaling harder to increase your heart rate are both great ways to get in better shape.

Cycling GPS computers are sold on their own or are sold in bundles that come with items like speed sensors, cadence sensors, and heart rate straps. While a GPS cycle computer can be used as a standalone unit, bundles provide much more value to riders who want to maximize their training and riding. Some bundles will also come with computers that have preloaded maps so you can go on an adventure with turn by turn directions. These computers also have a breadcrumb feature so you can find your way back if you get lost.

If you’re a rider looking to maximize your training or just looking to go out on an adventure, then you’ll want to pick up a GPS bike computer. If you have any questions about which computer is best for your style of riding or want to know which computers we’re stoked about, then ask one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 888-880-3811. Keep Pedaling!