Renthal Fatbar V2 31.8MM Handlebar
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Renthal Fatbar Riser 35.0mm Bar
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Renthal Fatbar Lite 35mm Carbon Riser
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Renthal Integra II 35 Stem
From $109.99
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Renthal Fatbar Lite Carbon Zero Rise
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Renthal Lock on Grips
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Renthal Push on Grips
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When racing comes down to milliseconds between first and second, everything counts. Renthal understands this and their winning record proves it. They are a global leader in the manufacturing, design, and sales of motorcycle, ATV, and cycle parts and accessories. Their product offering for the world of mountain biking is primarily stems, chainrings, grips, and handlebars including the famous Renthal Fatbar handlebars. They know that attention to every small detail is what it takes to be the best. They have received unparalleled success through relentless commitment and effort. It’s this obsession for detail, quality, and engineering that makes their products the finest on the market today.

They were founded by two motorcycle enthusiasts in 1969 who were originally making handlebars for trials bikes. In 1975, the company entered the motorcycle marketplace and opened a production facility in Manchester UK. The company soon expanded throughout Europe and later entered the U.S. marketplace in the ’90s. In late 2000, their factory was destroyed by a huge fire, but in its place, a brand-new state of the art facility was created. A new beginning rose from the ashes.

In 2010, they once again expanded, this time into the bicycle industry. By applying the same passion and engineering excellence, the company quickly rose to the top of the mountain bike industry as well. Today they maintain their position as one of the leading premium brands in the sport. They have a history of innovation and engineering. They have seen incredible success both in their components and their racing record. As they strive into the future, this pattern of success shows no signs of slowing down.

Whether you’re looking for a new Renthal Stem, like the Renthal Apex Stem, Renthal Handlebar in aluminum alloy, or just have a question about any Renthal product, jump on a call or chat with one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554 seven days a week. They are always happy to help. Call in and get some Renthal bars today!