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Rotor components made its debut in 1994 when two friends (Pablo Carrasco, an aeronautical engineer, and Ignacio Estellés, a lawyer) who were also cycling enthusiasts believed they could achieve something that many others had tried and failed at. This was to eliminate the dead spots in the pedal stroke. They had a vision that it would revolutionize cycling forever. This was achieved through an oval chainring design that provided a more natural way of pedaling and made more efficient use of the force applied to the pedals. This improved the performance and health of the cyclists who used it. As great of an idea as it was, it wasn’t going to succeed on its own. In order to succeed and gain mass adoption, it needed faith, enthusiasm, resilience and especially, team spirit. The first one of them all was Enrique del Rey, owner of EDR, a CNC workshop founded in 1981 that has been manufacturing Rotor components since the early days in the spirit of continuous improvement.

It also needed to be tried and trued and put through some of the most demanding races at the top level of the sport. In a bid against their more established rivals, they developed the initial prototypes, registered worldwide patents, obtained necessary investments, introduced the product to the press, cycling teams, and cyclists, and convinced manufacturers, dealers, and shops around the world to believe in them. Since its inception, they have dedicated itself to radical innovation, both out of necessity and inspiration. Over the years they have built a brand recognized by its innovative technologies for cyclists and have amassed a following of loyal customers because of it. It’s through constant innovation that Rotor bikes has been able to produce the first complete road groupset with hydraulic actuation shifting and braking. Vision, perseverance, unwavering confidence, and gratitude – this is the Rotor way for developing new concepts that improve the ride experiences of cyclists everywhere.

At Jenson USA we have a great selection of Rotor bike components and accessories including Rotor rings, Rotor chainrings, Rotor cranks, and Rotor power meters. With the Rotor Inpower or Rotor 2inpower cranksets, you can accurately measure your power for more efficient training and riding. When training, knowing your power output is extremely helpful for finding which zones you should be riding in depending on your training plans. We do our best to keep some of the most popular crank models and accessories so more than likely we will have the ideal crankset you’re looking for. More than just a tool for training, your bike is an extension of you: an important accessory to your lifestyle. You've built your life around riding your bike, so why not build a bike with the same allegiance to precision and quality? Well if that's what you're looking to do, the 3D+ Cranks are a great place to start. Their aeronautic grade 7055 Aluminum delivers exceptional stiffness at a low, competitive weight. They also have the strength to handle outrageous amounts of wattage, and efficient power stroke to match.

So whether you have a bike frame that needs a bottom bracket, want a CNC machined crank arm, or a power meter to help increase your power, then you’ll find what you need with Rotor and Jenson USA. If you have any questions about cranksets or power meters, then talk to one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554.