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Stan’s No Tubes was born from the ashes of frustration. Back in 2001, founder Stan Koziatek was deeply annoyed with punctured inner tubes and felt that mountain bike tires could perform better without them. He created a liquid sealant that would replace the tube and help seal any punctures in the tire. Besides the benefits of having no tube to puncture, he realized that riding without a tube offered more traction, more control, more comfort, and faster rolling speed. Word soon spread about the performance benefits of his new system and many racers were asking him to help them go tubeless.

Stan’s ability to innovate and his wife Cindy’s drive to develop business was a recipe for success. Soon the company had a website set up to explain the benefits of tubeless to anyone who had an open ear. Both the website and venturing out to races helped the couple introduce the tubeless concept and establish modern tubeless systems. Today riders around the world rely on Stan’s tubeless technology that he developed. The company’s slogan, “The first name in tubeless”, is more than just marketing to them, it’s who they are.

Expanding beyond sealant, Stan’s NoTubes started producing rims and complete wheelsets specifically designed for tubeless performance. Features like the patented Bead Socket Technology make Stan’s Wheels very easy to install a tubeless tire onto the rim. For over a decade, their products have been setting new standards for performance and redefined what was possible. Innovation will always be the driving force behind Stan’s No Tubes. In 2016, the company even introduced a new sealant formula that was capable of sealing even larger punctures.

Today they focus is on carbon rims, carbon wheels, and impact resistance. They developed Radial Impact Absorbing Carbon Technology (RiACT) which is a special rim shape and manufacturing process that absorbs vibration radially while still staying laterally stiff. The company also pushes to develop high-performance tubeless systems for road bikes. Providing both carbon and aluminum wheels designed to handle the higher pressures ran in road tires.

So whether you’re looking for Stan’s No Tubes wheels, Stan’s rims, Flow MK3 rims, rim tape, or tires for your cross country mountain bike, then you’ll love all the products from Stan’s. If you’re tired of pinch flats, or tired of punctures, then go tubeless today. If you have any questions about their rims or want to know more about rim internal width, then talk to one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554.