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When it comes to your riding comfort on your road bike, a good bar tape will greatly improve your experience. Handlebar tape is designed to improve your comfort and grip to your bars and the nicer your bar tape, the better your comfort will be. There are many different types of tape out there that are designed to do different things. Some types of tape have a gel backing or EVA foam backing, some have a grippier surface, and some are made from cotton. Depending on whether you want more grip, more cushion, or a combination of both will determine the type of bar tape you want. Supacaz makes exceptional bar tape as well as grips for flat-bar bikes.

Supacaz started in California by Anthony Sinyard. He was confused why cycling gear and cycling clothing were so bland and dull. Many 80’s surf brands would use vibrant colors. While many cycling brands did not emulate the vibrant colors that were present in these surf brands, Anthony got the bright idea to create his own brands, thus Supacaz was born.

One of their most popular tapes is the Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Handlebar Tape. It is available in several different materials, styles, and colors for every ride. The materials it comes in are Polyurethane or silicone gel injected. The styles and colors include multicolor, classic solid colors, star fade, and galaxy. You’ll be able to match one of their bar tapes up with any of your rides. Are you tired of your bar end plugs falling out while you’re riding? Well, Supacaz bar tape comes with aluminum bar plugs that have an expander plug to keep them in place all the time.

Their grips come in either a lock-in style or a slide-on silicone style. Their lock-on grips come in either the standard round grip as well as an ergonomic style that has an ergonomic design that fuses comfort, performance, and style all into one. Grips like their Supalite grips are made from ultra-light foam that is latex free and UV resistant.

While their grips are an excellent way to add some bling to your ride, Supacaz also has water bottle cages, water bottles, bar end plugs, apparel, and so much more. If your bike is bland, you can add some much-needed style with all these other accessories. So if you’re looking to add some style, have any questions about Supacaz, or you want to know what gear we’re personally stoked about, then talk to one of our Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554.