The type of tires you use on your bike have a major impact on your bike’s handling and performance in the dirt. If you’re riding on a hardpack dirt surface, a tire that has a multitude of deep knobs won’t perform as well as a tire that has shallower knobs. Teravail believes in chasing the rides that taunt riders to come back for more. This tire brand makes tires for gravel, all-road, and mountain.

One of their most popular gravel tires is their Teravail Cannonball tire that has a light and supple casing and is tubeless ready. This tire was built for racing gravel in the Dirty Kanza which is one of the more well-known gravel races in the US. It features a directional, tight-knit center tread that efficiently decreases rolling resistance while the side knobs increase cornering traction. With the diamond pattern in the center, the tire is optimized specifically for gravel riding and sheds dirt and gravel debris.

Maybe gravel riding isn’t your thing, but you want a tire that is great for riding on the pavement but can still tackle hard-packed dirt surfaces and provides an excellent ride quality. The Rampart tire is built for decaying pavement and rolling hills. There are lightweight and durable casing options depending on what your riding needs are. The tubeless-ready design means you can drop the tire pressure for a smoother and supple ride and better traction when you’re riding in the dirt.

Lastly, if you’re a rider who only enjoys being is tough terrain, their mountain tires will satisfy your craving for adventure. They have several different styles of tires that perform well in different terrains from cross-country oriented tires to aggressive all-mountain tires. Tubeless-ready technology is incorporated in their mountain tires as well as light and supple casings and durable casings.

One thing that is unique about Teravail tires is that they offer most of their tire options in a tan sidewall color. These tires are becoming highly sought-after since they add a hint of classic style to your ride that you can’t get from an all-black tire. So whether you’re looking for tires for your gravel bike, tires for your mountain bike, or tubeless tires for all-road riding, then you’ll find what you need with Jenson USA and Teravail. If you plan on riding in any gravel events or mountain events, then you’ll love these tires. If you have any questions about Teravail, or you have general questions about tires, then talk to one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554.