No matter how well equipped you are, traveling by air with a bike can become quite annoying. If the frustration created by this wasn’t enough, airlines usually charge oversized baggage fees for bikes and don’t always return the bike in the same condition you gave it to them. An item that can greatly improve your airline travel experience is a purpose-built bike travel bag. Bike bags are specifically designed to protect your bike during transportation and are much easier to move around than a carboard bike box or giant hockey bag filled with a frame and parts. If you are looking for an easier way to fly with your bike that also helps protect it along the way, it’s time to look at some travel bags.

Bike bags come with either hard or soft cases. A hard case provides the highest level of protection for your bike, but they are also more expensive and a little harder to move around than a soft case bag. A soft bag still provides excellent protection for your bike but has a lower price-point and is also easier to store when not in use. If you want the ultimate protection for your bike and money isn’t a hindering factor, get a hard case. If you value protection but want a bag that is easy to use and carry, then get a soft case. Both feature durable exteriors and will keep your bike safe from the dangerous hands of the airlines.

Besides large bags for bikes, a lot of companies make smaller travel bags for your riding gear, an extra set of wheels, or whatever else you want to throw in one. Airline travel can be rough on a bag no matter the size, so gears bags feature durable exteriors, heavy-duty zippers and some even have roller wheels too. Durability and longevity is what separates gear bags from standard duffle bags and airline luggage.

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