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Women’s Bib Shorts

If you’re a rider that enjoys riding longer distances, then you’ll highly benefit from wearing cycling shorts. Cycling shorts help with riding comfort, even if the ride is 10 miles or 100 miles. They feature materials that wick moisture away and most come with a chamois that adds an additional layer of next-to-skin padding so you can do those longer rides with ease and with much less discomfort. The next level above cycling shorts are bib shorts. Bib shorts have an additional layer of comfort that regular bike shorts don’t have and that is the suspenders. These eliminate the waistband and drawstring creating a more comfortable feel.

Women’s bib shorts do vary from men’s bib shorts in their shape and design. The straps are designed for less interference with the chest and the chamois is specifically designed for women making them more comfortable. Some brands like SheBeest design their entire selection specifically for women and have cycling bib shorts with straps that avoid the chest and go behind the neck. This allows them to be easily lowered without removing your jersey, just in case a rider has to make a quick pitstop. Other brands like Giro have their halter bibs that are designed with convenience in mind.

Not all cycling bibs are designed alike though. Most bibs are designed for warm weather riding but there are some that are built for riding in the cold. These often feature longer legs for more coverage and thicker material that helps keep you warm while also remaining stretchy and providing moisture wicking. Cycling bibs also come with different chamois with varying densities which are designed for different levels of riding. If you’re doing a longer ride, then you might benefit from a denser chamois versus a softer chamois.

If you’re seeking expert advice with which bib shorts match your style of riding, then let our Gear Advisors know. They will help guide you to the right pair of shorts so you can go out and ride from sun-up until sun-down. Email, chat, or call our Gear Advisors at 888-880-3811.